Work Your M.O.T.O.R. is excited to announce its partnership with Saebo in the development of a new home exercise mobile app for patients. Saebo, Inc. is a leading global provider of affordable evidenced-based therapy solutions for individuals suffering from impaired mobility and function.

Work Your M.O.T.O.R. exercise clips will be available on through the mobile app. We are excited for this great collaboration as we share the mission to provide excellent, affordable, transformative therapy to patients worldwide. If you are currently a subscriber to our videos, nothing will change. The app will allow a preview of what our videos entail.

More about Saebo, Inc.

Saebo, Inc. is a medical device company engaged in the discovery and development of affordable clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function in individuals suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions. With a vast network of Saebo-trained clinicians spanning six continents, Saebo has helped over 100,000 clients around the globe achieve a new level of independence.

For more information on Saebo and their products, click here.

Remember, any amount of physical activity is a positive step for stroke survivors.

Research shows physical activity reduces your stroke risk by between 25% and 30%. Exercise
also increases your chance of regaining function after a stroke. After suffering a stroke,
survivors who don’t begin an exercise regimen may experience additional, preventable
problems such as physical deconditioning and fatigue.

Exercise also helps combat fatigue and depression. Even low to moderate exercise training can
improve the ability to perform activities of daily living, quality of life and reduces the risk for
suffering another stroke or cardiovascular event. To maximize your function, you should
incorporate a variety of home exercises as well as repetitive, functional tasks to retrain the

A full recovery is possible if you consistently work to reclaim function in the months
and years that follow. By following an exercise program of stretching, strengthening and
meaningful tasks, you can reclaim your coordination, strength, and range of motion throughout
your body.

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