The Top 5 Benefits of Music for Stroke Recovery

Press play and listen to your FAVORITE music for brain change!!



Ever realize how you can seem to get more done with some good tunes on?  Maybe you were able to push through a workout harder because you felt strong and motivated while listening to Eye of the Tiger?

New research suggests that familiar, positive music has benefits to individuals recovering from a stroke. So put together your favorite playlist to sing, listen or exercise and activate the brain to increase blood flow to help repair damaged areas.

Here are the top 5 benefits for stroke recovery 

1. Improve Memory– listening to music increases the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine that directly enhances alertness, speed of information processing, attention and memory. Who doesn’t need that!?!

2. Boosts Your Mood– music has a positive effect on mood which can increase your motivation and speed of recovery.  My favorite song to play in therapy sessions is, “It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!!” So sing, smile, improve your mood and see the improvements in your therapy!

3. Promote Relaxation and Decrease Stress– calm music can decrease muscle tension and stress.  It can also help regulate emotions so you can heal faster.  Stress can slow your progression, so set aside some “you” time and calm that brain.

4. Improve Motor Skills– there are strong connections between music and movement. Movement and music promote changes in speed, precision, and smoothness for fine and gross motor skills. Rhythmic Auditory stimulation (a technique used to provide rhythmic cues during movement) can improve walking, flexibility and functional motor performance of the weak arm.

5. Make Changes in Speech– singing can strengthen and create new connections to help improve verbal communication and muscles used for swallowing. Singing also exercises you heart and lungs, and releases endorphins making you feel GOOD! Pick the right tunes and start creating new connections.


We know that stroke recovery is a long road, but the journey is worth it and music can make it a smoother ride.  Let the music inspire you so you can take recovery to the next level physically and emotionally.  And as always, what we think is most important – HAVE FUN!





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