Passive Range of Motion

Passive Range of Motion – Our Occupational Therapist, Amy shows you how to safely and effectively stretch your affected arm. Passive range of motion will help you keep your joints flexible while you are unable to move on your own.

Tabletop towel exercises

Tabletop Towel Exercises – Towel exercises, or active assistive exercises, will help move the affected extremity through range of motion with the help of using your strong arm.

Dowel Exercises

Dowel Exercises – Our dowel exercises, or active assistive exercises, will help you move your affected extremity through range of motion with the help of your strong arm. However, depending on your fitness level, you can also add a weight to the dowel for strengthening.

Upper Body Strengthening

These seated upper body exercises are perfect for regaining strength after stroke or injury.  Modifications are shown if you are not ready for weights.

10 Minute Seated Abs

Quick, 10 minute seated ab exercises.  Perfect for older adults, or anyone that can benefit from seated balance exercises and core strengthening.

Lower Body Exercises

Chair exercises to improve leg strength.  Great for stroke, neurological disorders and general deconditioning to improve strength, balance, endurance, leg range of motion and walking.   

Hand Exercises After Stroke

Check out this great video on ways to incorporate your affected hand into function after stroke, weakness or issues with tight muscles.  Be sure to check out other vidoes on our channel, too! 


Exercise Checklist - checklist of exercises to take to you doctor or local therapist to see which ones are appropriate for your condition.

Monthly Workout Calendar - download this blank calendar to plan your workouts. (If you don't schedule it, it won't happen!) 

Repetition Trackers - Track your reps, and record your progress. 

WorkYourMOTOR-ExerciseChecklist (pdf)


WorkYourMOTOR-Monthly-Workout-Calendar (pdf)


WorkYourMOTOR-Repetition-Tracker-Core-LowerBody (pdf)



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